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3 Nov 2016
Shopping in Morocco may be a distinctive expertise. No visit to Morocco would be complete while not visiting a medina in one among the cities like Fez, city or Meknes.


Souks (markets) may be found in several of Morocco's caftan however the cities with the most important and expansive searching areas lie inside city and Fez. The lifestyle within the ancient walls of the medinas of Fez and city haven't modified since centuries a gone. There square measure little outlets and stalls wherever folks can haggle over a glass of extremely sweet mint tea (Morocco's national drink). Veiled ladies walk round the slender passageways and craftsmen pound styles on brass and also the echoes of way of life reverberate through the...

27 Oct 2016

Jilbabs and abayas are regular Islamic apparel for ladies. In spite of the fact that they are well known in the Middle East nations and other Muslim women dress, the idea of wearing jilbabs and abayas is tremendously discussed in the Western World. In any case, it is the solid flood of the Muslim pioneers that has made these clothes normal in the city of a few western urban communities.


Jilbabs are long robes and are utilized as external article of clothing. They accompany isolate arms that are sewed to the body of the material. The over articles of clothing are accessible in different styles and hues. You can have dark external pieces of clothing that are pinstriped with various shading. They likewise come in unobtrusive hues...

9 Sep 2016

A robe or Jilbab could be a loose over-garment that's worn by Muslims to meet their obligation of Muslim dress. There are a unit differing kinds of Abayas on-line and this text (part 2 of two) can verify a number of the pitfalls to seem out for once buying Abayas on-line.

Choosing the proper color

The color of associate degree item showing on a display screen isn't invariably the Abayas true color. The brightness and alternative settings of the pc monitor might distort the color. Black is that the most well liked color for women's Jilbabs, check that it's color quick, otherwise you'll have wasted your cash.


Type of cloth


One of the foremost necessary factor for obtaining the proper robe is to selecting the...