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17 Nov 2016

Women in several Muslim countries prefer to sew, and ensure poorer areas, they are doing not have the choice of buying able to wear garments as a result of their high costs. therefore the alternative various they need it sew their own abayas and hijabs for themselves and alternative feminine members of the family. Some girls ar quite gifted within the art of stitching, however not all will master it because it needs a good deal of learning and patience to succeed in perfection. However, if one is willing to find out, there ar totally different resources accessible to girls in the majority countries to find out to stitch.

Although there ar stitching categories accessible even in remote villages and cities of most Muslim countries, new...

14 Nov 2016

There is no uniform way to deal with phrasing for Islamic dress. HIJAB is an Arabic word, initially alluding to a drapery or parcel, which later came to allude to Islamic dress as a rule, however, is presently usually metonymically diminished to the headscarf.

In the late years, Islamic dress has risen as tolerating locales of the dispute in the relationship between Muslim people group and the State. In particular, the wearing of Islamic headscarves by ladies in broad daylight places has brought up issues about secularism, ladies' rights, and national character. It has dependably been seen by the Western women's activist as onerous and as an image of a Muslim lady's subservience to men.

Accordingly, it frequently comes as a shock to